Historically, the use of boric acid as a vaginal suppository has been a popular home treatment for yeast infections. Boric acid contains antifungal and antiviral properties, and has been used for more than a century to treat vaginal infections.

Should I wear a pad while using boric acid suppositories?

Boric acid is considered safe for vaginal use when used as directed. However, it can be toxic if swallowed, so it’s important to consult with your health care provider before using any boric acid products.

There are some studies that show boric acid may be effective as a vaginal suppository for bv. These studies show that boric acid works by inhibiting the growth of pathogens and maintaining a healthy pH level in the vagina. However, more studies are needed to determine the effectiveness of boric acid for BV.

Boric acid suppositories are available over the counter. They are made from a small gelatin capsule filled with 600 mg of boric acid. These suppositories are easy to use and can be inserted using an applicator. However, these suppositories may cause mild skin irritation, so they are not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Another option is the 0.75% metronidazole gel. This cream is a common treatment for BV, and has been shown to reduce recurrences.

Probiotics have also been used for recurrent BV, but more research is needed to determine their effectiveness. Probiotics come in liquid and pill forms, and can help keep your vagina healthy, which can prevent recurrent infections.

Antibiotics are typically the first line of treatment for BV, but antibiotics can cause side effects. If you have recurrent BV, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider before using an antibiotic.

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