vinyl car decals

Vinyl Car Decals

Whether you’re making custom front adhesive stickers, a window decal or something else, the first step is choosing the right vinyl for the job. You’ll want to pick a durable permanent outdoor vinyl that’s made to withstand persistent rain, the sun’s rays, heat in the garage, a car wash, frost and snow.

Oracal 651 is a durable vinyl car decals that’s perfect for your car window decal project. It’s also fade-resistant, meaning it won’t lose its color in the rain or the sun.

Vinyl Car Decals: A Guide to Designing and Applying Custom Decals to Make Your Vehicle Stand Out on the Road

The next step in making your own vinyl car decals is choosing the design. You can use a free template or design a unique one that you think your audience will appreciate. Once you have the design ready, you can start creating your own personalized decals with Cricut.

When it comes to the type of vinyl to use, you’ll want to stick with a permanent adhesive vinyl. This type of vinyl will last longer than removable craft vinyl because it’s not likely to come off the car’s paint.

Cricut Premium Vinyl

If you’re using a cutting machine, you can’t go wrong with the premium vinyl from Cricut. It’s thick, easy to weed and long-lasting.

Tips for Applying Your Decal

If you’re not sure where to place your vinyl decal, the best spots are the driver’s side windshield and the tailgate. These places have excellent visibility to other cars and don’t interfere with the driver’s view. You can also try placing the decal on the door or inside of the trunk, but it will look a bit less professional.

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