heavy duty caster wheels with locks

When it comes to moving heavy equipment, heavy duty caster wheels with locks can be life changing! They can move heavy workstations, carts, and trucks around the warehouse or office. They also prevent scraping noises when moving around the floor.

Caster Wheels for Light Loads

For lighter loads like chairs, soft caster wheels made of polyurethane or rubber are the best choice. They won’t damage the floor and are easy to roll.

Load Capacity

The load capacity of caster wheels is determined by the material they are made from and their diameter. The heavier the material and the larger the diameter, the higher the load capacity. For example, a polyurethane wheel can take up to 1500 pounds of weight per caster while an iron core caster can take up to 3,000 pounds.

Secure and Mobile: The Benefits of Heavy Duty Caster Wheels with Locks

Shock Absorbing Casters

These casters are designed with shock-absorbing wheels to provide a cushioned ride for carts and trucks carrying sensitive loads. They are great for going over uneven floors and are especially useful in outdoor environments.

Locking Casters

Depending on the type of caster, you can find a variety of locking options. Some are plate mount casters where a pressure pad is applied directly onto the wheel to stop motion, while others have stem mounted casters that lock down by placing a side locking brake on the caster.

Whether you’re looking for a caster that is simple to install and move or one that has a lock feature, we have the right solution for your needs!

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