Baskets & Beyond is an online source for Amish baskets. We offer unique design baskets in a variety of styles including picnic, chests, laundry, hamper baskets, egg and nest baskets, kitchen, organizer or pie carriers in durable and decorative hand-woven designs.

Where are Amish baskets made?

In the heart of rural Wayne County, Old Order Amish Mattie Hershberger offers a glimpse into one of the most conservative subgroups within the Amish community. Unlike other Amish groups, Swartzentruber Amish don’t allow their buggies to have any worldly signs, reflective tape or other safety features because they believe that these things encourage vanity and pride. Find out :

Hershberger’s daughter, Sarah, and her granddaughter, Lydia, are part of the family business that is run out of their home. They are a great example of how basket making is an important part of the Amish lifestyle.

The Amish make a wide range of items including soap, furniture, quilts and even baskets. Their dedication to craftsmanship and quality is a true gift to all who receive one of their products.

Miller’s Soap – Geauga County

Every evening, after the cow is milked and the bread is baked, Ohio Amishwoman Mary Miller retreats to her work space and makes soap. She crafts around 1,000 bars a year. They sell well in gift shops and to visitors at her farm on word of mouth recommendations.

She also enlists the help of her 14-year-old son, Aaron, to teach the public how to make wooden breadbaskets. She purchases veneer strips from Pennsylvania in green, burgundy, black, red and blue and teaches them how to wind the bands around a wooden block, create an interlacing pattern, pound tiny nails that hold the shape and attach leather handles.

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