ecd land rover

ecd land rover

A boxy SUV from ecd land rover is an iconic automotive icon that started its life as a farm pickup and then quickly became an off-roading demon. One company, state side, is keeping that iconic truck alive and beyond today’s standards with their custom Defender restorations and conversions.

Founded by three friends over a few adult beverages eight years ago, East Coast Defenders (now ECD Automotive Design) is now a world-renowned name in the custom vintage truck game. It builds no fewer than 60 custom, restored, and upgraded Land Rovers each year.

They’ve got a veritable Land Rover color museum on their property in Orlando, Florida, from classic patina greens to the deceptively named Santorini Black that sparkles with just the right amount of sun. And they’ve got the customer in mind from start to finish, from the first design concept to the final product.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the team at ECD has started adding a new type of build to their line-up: electric Land Rovers. Using an electrification kit from Electric Classic Cars in the UK, their electric Land Rovers feature a 450 kW Tesla Model S motor and dual battery packs that can provide a range up to 220 miles.

The Beauty of Timeless Design: Exploring the Allure of Vintage Land Rover Defenders

The electric Defender I drove around ECD Automotive’s new Florida facility was a hoot to drive, a spirited example of fusing decades-old vehicle bodies with modern technology. It exhibited instant torque that made it easy to get up to highway speeds at stoplights, and the air suspension system helped keep the interior rattle-free. But what was most impressive about the EV Defender wasn’t how quick it was to accelerate, but how calm and composed it felt behind the wheel.

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