The construction world is fascinated by what happens above ground as buildings and structures rise, but the work that is done below ground to support those structures can seem a little mysterious. One of the most important tools in underground construction is a pile; a steel, screw-like device that supports massive structures and bridges with the force of gravity. The most common type of pile, the concrete piling, is a well-established, trusted foundational technology; however, helical piers are gaining popularity for their strength and simplicity in commercial construction.

What is the difference between helical and steel piers?

The helical pile is a segmented deep foundation system with helix bearing plates that are welded to a shaft. The helix shape discourages soil disturbance and provides high-level load capacity without the need for reinforcement, although reinforced piles are also available.

Helical piles can be installed in a variety of different ways, depending on the project’s requirements. They are used for new construction, such as building foundations or retaining walls, and they can also be added to existing structures, including homes, bridges, commercial buildings, docks, and railways.

A major advantage of helical piles is that they can be installed in tight spaces where excavation would otherwise be difficult. This is because the equipment used to install helical piles is much smaller than an excavator and generates less vibration than other piling methods. This means that you can get a helical pile in place without worrying about spoil pushing back into the holes you have already dug or creating damage to surrounding structures and equipment.

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