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We’ve all been there: a pair of girl workout clothes leggings that slips down mid-run or a sports bra with straps that tug at your neck. The wrong gear can seriously sabotage your workout or even just your mood (seriously, it’s that bad). That’s why it’s so important to invest in high-quality activewear that holds up to intense sweating and fits like a dream.

The best girl workout clothes will have you feeling confident and supported whether you’re jogging the Prospect Park loop or crushing a HIIT class at your local gym. From leggings with pockets that are perfect for storing your large-screen iPhone Max to cozy French terry workout hoodies you can wear while watching Netflix and rewatching Girls, we’ve rounded up the best options available right now.

Sweat in Style: Stylish Girl Workout Clothes Perfect for Every Exercise Routine

When it comes to girl workout clothes, you can’t go wrong with the cult-favorite Lulu brand. The company’s buttery-soft materials are engineered for yoga, work with most body types, and wash up well, making them worth the splurge, says Glamour fitness editor and certified trainer, Lisa Stokes.


You can’t walk down a city street without spotting a sea of Nike sneakers, but the brand’s women’s workout clothes also deliver on style and performance. Look for sleek options with a shiny leather-like finish and slimming designs that feel fit to wear out on the town, like this asymmetrical tank from Koral.

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