Getting the perfect peach butt requires more than just sweating it out at the gym. A good pair of leggings that lift your bum and boost your curves is also important, too. The best leggings for lifting your booty are seamless, breathable, and made with materials that hug your curves. In order to find the right pair, it’s best to read reviews and look for leggings with special ruching or a honeycomb fabric texture that can help define your shape.

Scrunch bum-lifting leggings are also a great way to accentuate your shape and give your booty a lift. These leggings go in behind your tummy naturally, and they can be worn for high-intensity workouts or just when you want to be comfy while running errands.

Flatter Your Figure: The Ultimate Guide to Butt-Flattering Leggings

Another type of leggings that can lift your butt is a high-waisted pair with a two-toned design or ombre pattern. These leggings can add volume to your bump and make your buttocks appear bigger, which can boost your confidence when working out.

Another type of tummy-slimming leggings is the Spanx Jean-Ish Ankle Leggings, which are super comfortable and look more like jeans than yoga pants. The Spanx technology slims your waist and the interior shaping panel and functional back pockets accentuate your peach. This pair of leggings has over 5,000 five-star reviews and is a staple for anyone who wants to feel confident in their workout gear.

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