Whether you’re car open fire cooking equipment with the family or backpacking alone in the wilderness, open fire cooking equipment turns meal preparation into a fun experience everyone can enjoy. The best campfire cooking equipment is sturdy and lightweight. This allows you to easily transport it, as well as stow it in your pack or tent without adding much extra weight. Most are made of aluminum or stainless steel which can withstand high heats, but some are also cast iron which is ideal for retaining and diffusing heat.

One essential piece of campfire cooking equipment is a good set of roasting sticks. This is usually a long stick with a whittled end that you can use to roast hot dogs, marshmallows and more. Look for a durable pair that is designed specifically for campfire roasting with heat-resistant handles. Another great option is a pie iron, which is basically a metal clamshell with a handle to place your favorite pie fixin’s inside. Lastly, consider a set of stainless steel skewers for grilling.

Sizzling Delights: Essential Campfire Cooking Equipment for Outdoor Cooking in the UK

Other useful campfire cooking equipment includes a meat thermometer to help you get your food to the perfect temperature. Some camping stoves come with this, but a separate tool is a must-have for any open fire cooker. A blow poker is also handy for directing hot embers and oxygen to the center of the flames or to stoke them when they need a little extra attention.

Finally, a compact shovel is an important piece of campfire cooking gear to bring along when building and maintaining your campfire. This will allow you to move coals around to focus them where you need them for your cooking and will also allow you to practice proper campfire safety by completely covering the flames when you’re done cooking.

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