3G Pitch Resurfacing

Schools and sports clubs across the UK are now adopting 3G football turf surfaces as they can withstand high levels of play without damaging the natural grass underneath. The specialised 3G sports surface is made of synthetic sand and rubber crumb infill, which help the ball bounce realistically compared to a hard surface. The pitch can then be used for 5-a-side, 6-a-side and 11-a-side football training and matches.

3G Pitch Resurfacing requires less maintenance than natural grass as it doesn’t get muddy or worn out from heavy use. However, there are still maintenance requirements to keep the surface in good condition such as regular drag brushing to redistribute the infill, power sweeping and seam inspections, as well as preventative weed and moss control treatments.

3G Pitch vs. Natural Grass: The Resurfacing Dilemma Solved

The 3g Artificial Sports Pitch Resurfacing Contractors recommends that a general rule of one hour of maintenance is required for every ten hours the surface is in use. If the surface is not properly maintained, it will eventually reach the end of its life, meaning it will no longer meet the necessary performance criteria to be safe for football playing and could cause injuries.

During the course of an 3G resurfacing project, the existing surface will be swept clean, then the underlying drainage system will be repaired and resurfaced with the new 3G artificial grass. The rubber infill from the old surface will be removed and cleansed, before being reused in the new sports surfacing. Alternatively, it can be used on a natural grass field or donated to a local golf club.

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