Cheatpubg has become the go-to battle royale for millions of gamers, but it’s also not without its fair share of cheaters. In fact, the problem of hackers in PUBG is still rampant and the developers are constantly battling to keep it at bay. Despite years of hitting players who break the rules with the ban hammer, it seems that cheaters haven’t stopped trying to take advantage of the game. PUBG’s anti-cheat software BattlEye is continuously inundated with players using illegal software on their accounts. It’s an ongoing struggle that has been exacerbated since the game went free to play in 2022.

There are numerous different types of cheats and hacks that are available to players on PUBG Mobile. Some of these cheats involve altering the game files to grant a player certain commands and cheats in-game. This can include things like speed hacks to make a player run insanely fast, equipment hacks to make them have certain weapons or gear and even allowing them to fly by altering the movement controls.


Other popular cheats are ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) hacks which allow players to see other players in-game through walls. This is a very despicable cheat and makes it easy for people to kill other players with a few clicks of the mouse. ESP hacks are usually combined with a wallhack and aimbot to give the user an unfair advantage in a game that is designed to be competitive and fun for all players.

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