Is trading 212 good for day trading? As with all trading platforms, it’s important to pay attention to user reviews, regulations, and individual needs when deciding on a brokerage. Trading 212 is regulated by top European regulators and offers safe and transparent trading environment. Traders can deposit money via bank wire and credit cards, and withdrawal times are typically within a few business days.

Is Trading 212 a good way to make money?

The platform allows traders to set price alerts so they’re notified when an asset hits their target. This can help reduce the time spent monitoring a portfolio and allow traders to focus on other areas of their life. In addition, the broker also allows for passive investing through its AutoInvest feature which automatically invests a portion of funds based on their current allocation target.

There are also a number of different assets traders can trade on Trading 212 including shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptocurrencies and gold. There are also CFDs on the site which allow investors to trade the prices of a share without actually owning it.

The broker also provides a number of educational resources for users. Videos are available on the website and YouTube channel and appear to be a popular format. Videos are typically about ten minutes long which allows for enough time to explain the topic without taking up too much of traders’ limited attention spans. In addition, content is added weekly which shows that the company is committed to providing its users with a high-quality learning experience.

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