A chemical bund lining is a secondary containment area surrounding fuel and chemical storage tanks or other primary containment structures, this is to prevent groundwater contamination and other damage should a tank / container burst or leak. It is required in most industrial, commercial and leisure facilities to protect against environmental damage, particularly in the case of a spillage from a high risk chemical such as corrosive acids.

Not all bunds need lining, however, some will require a surface treatment to protect the structure or improve fluid tightness. This is particularly important if the bund will be exposed to aggressive chemicals which would quickly attack or degrade concrete, such as hydrochloric acid which could leak through and cause environmental damage.

When deciding on the type of chemical bund lining, the following factors should be considered;

What Chemicals are stored and how – Different chemicals have differing reactions with different types of liners. It is also important to consider how the bund will be used – Will the bund be trafficked by vehicles and pedestrians?

Enviroseal can provide a range of solutions depending on your needs, from GRP lining for an existing or new sulphuric acid tank bunker, to a full GRP lining solution for a complex concrete and block bund with internal walls, gullies and sumps.

All of our teams are CSCS card holders and BS TWI certificated to ensure the correct installation. We have experience of a variety of petrochemical sites, including COMAH and can offer bespoke solutions to suit your site and your chemical storage requirements.

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