Malware scanner API are useful tools for assessing if files you’re processing contain malicious code. They’re a great complement to your business applications and can detect a wide variety of threats, including viruses, malware, and trojans. The best ones will scan files on-demand and can be invoked as a service callout from your business apps, so you can safely process them without risking a security incident.

You can use the WildFire REST API to build an event-driven pipeline that automatically evaluates files uploaded to your cloud storage. It enables organizations to extend web malware detection protections to SaaS applications, B2C portals, and other data at rest.

Securing the Code: Exploring the Power of Malware Scanner APIs

WildFire is powered by the open source ClamAV malware scanner, which runs in a Linux container hosted in Cloud Run. On startup, the ClamAV freshclam service downloads a complete malware database.

Then, during runtime, it uses the database to scan inbound and outbound data in real-time. The results are saved to Cloud Logging and recorded in Cloud Monitoring. You can use the results to monitor file activity, identify suspicious behavior, and take action.

The Quttera Web Malware Scanner API supports four queries for scanning a URL or website for malware. These queries return JSON data to facilitate your business logic:

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