Printed on canvas and stretched or gallery-wrapped, a canvas print is a popular wall art option that has become increasingly sought-after for its durability and visual appeal. Canvas prints can be produced in a wide range of sizes, making it easy to find an option that matches your specific space and decor preferences.

What type of canvas is the highest quality?

The textured surface of a canvas print adds depth and interest to your photos, transforming them into pieces of art that will enhance your home or office decor. It can also help soften photo imperfections and blemishes. Unlike photo paper and some other types of photo art, canvas printing canada has a higher white point and can reproduce a wide variety of colors, ensuring that your images will look their best.

Posterjack canvas prints are made using giclee printing technology, which produces high-quality, fade-resistant prints that will last for years to come. Unlike other canvas printers, which use solvent-based inks and liquid laminates that can turn yellow over time, Posterjack uses HP Vivera latex inks that will ensure your prints look vibrant and stay looking great for a long time.

In addition to canvas prints, Posterjack offers framed canvas prints and panoramic photo canvas options to suit a wide range of decor styles. Their framed canvas prints include a black wooden floater frame that can be easily mounted on your walls to create a beautiful, elegant display. They also offer panoramic photo canvas options that can be used to create a unique, eye-catching photo wall. Their user-friendly interface allows you to select any of your photos and customize them with a variety of layouts and size options.

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