best white rums

While gin and bourbon might get more attention in the liquor cabinet, rums can be a key part of your cocktail repertoire. From the summery Daiquiri to a simple Cuba Libre, white rums can be delicate, fragrant and full of character. They’re also often the base for many of our favorite drinks.

While most white rums are distilled to high proofs, they’re not all the same. In fact, some of the best ones spend a little time in barrel before they’re filtered with charcoal to remove color and add to the overall smoothness. This allows for the rum to take on some of the richness that comes from aging, while retaining its light and clear profile.

Some of the best white rums are from small distillers who want to share their craft with drinkers. Others are from established brands that understand how important their white rums are to their customer base.

Crisp and Distilled: Navigating the Best White Rums for Your Ideal Cocktails

For example, Bacardi White rum has long been the go-to for a lot of casual rum drinkers who simply walk into their local liquor store and pick up the latest version of the brand’s white rum because it’s cheap and easy to find everywhere. Bacardi’s white rum may not be the best for sipping plain, but it’s ideal for the kinds of cocktails it’s bottled to accompany. And it’s a great addition to a shaken Pina Colada. Luckily, there are more quality white rums out there than ever before. Read on for some of the best white rums to try this year, from budget favorites to splurge-worthy bottles.

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