The Advanced Concrete Solutions team specializes in concrete resurfacing, epoxy flooring, concrete patios and walkways, paving stones and much more. Their services are available in the northern NJ area including Vernon, Sparta, Wantage, Andover, Branchville, Newton and surrounding areas.

What is a concrete solution to a problem?

Decorative concrete overlays can be created to mimic tile, hardwood, natural stone and brick. They are durable, low maintenance and long-lasting. They can add color and beauty to your existing concrete surfaces or create an entirely new look to your home or business.

Specialty cellular concrete is manufactured by injecting or blending portland cement, sand, fly ash, water and pre-formed foam in varied proportions to form a hardened material. This concrete has a lower density than traditional portland cement mixes and can be used in applications where conventional concrete is not suitable due to weight, structural or environmental concerns. This product is a great solution for high load, seismic or vibration sensitive structures such as commercial and high rise floors.

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