Ufa777 ทดลองเล่นสล็อต pp is defined as compulsive playing of video games to the extent that this behaviour causes harm or other negative consequences. In the short term, gaming addiction may lead to isolation from friends and family, and in the long run it can cause damage to personal relationships and/or career prospects as well as financial collapse due to gaming-related expenses such as new hardware and games. As with other addictive behaviours, it is common for gaming addiction to co-occur with other behavioural addictions such as drug abuse disorders (including stimulant use to achieve performance-enhancing or stay awake during long gaming bouts).

A growing number of high-quality facilities across the UK are now providing treatment for video game addiction and countless individuals are enjoying lives that they previously could not have imagined could be theirs. Symptoms of video game addiction may include fidgeting, pacing and general restlessness if the addict is not allowed to play for a protracted period; an inability to concentrate on anything other than gaming, and a preoccupation with gaming thoughts, are also indicative. A lack of sleep, hydration and nutrition can also be serious concerns if the person is not able to put down the controller for long periods.

The Psychology Behind Online Gaming Addiction

One study found that adolescents whose basic psychological needs were being met tended to experience lower levels of online gaming addiction. Similarly, higher levels of responsibility – including fulfilling personal and social obligations – were associated with less gaming addiction. This suggests that interventions that increase the level of responsibility and meaning in adolescent life may help to reduce the occurrence of online gaming addiction.

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