From rewriting gender stereotypes with makeup tutorials from diverse influencers (like Rihanna’s much-lauded ‘No Makeup’ Look) to positivity movements like ‘bald positivity’, which challenges the male hair loss stigma, it’s clear that the beauty industry is more diverse than ever. And it’s not just the products that are evolving—the way we use them is changing too. From skincare to beauty devices, there’s a new wave of trends that are redefining the industry. Explore More

A resurgence in clean beauty is driving this trend, with consumers demanding full transparency on ingredient lists and supply chain processes. “We’ll see cleaner brands drill down and be more specific about what they mean by clean,” says Livy Houghton, senior creative researcher at strategic foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory. Look out for refillables, ‘blue beauty’ ingredients that are safe for waterways and products crafted from upcycled ingredients like jasmine and ylang-ylang—which are linked to promoting feelings of calmness.

2022 Beauty Forecast: Trends, Transformations, and Triumph

A resurgence in male grooming is also driving this beauty trend, with men’s skin care rising from a niche category to a top sales driver for brands like Net-A-Porter, which saw its mini Diptyque candle duo rose to the top of its bestseller list as we approached the gifting season. Meanwhile, men’s beauty specialist Shakeup Cosmetics has seen its products sell 3x over estimates on TikTok thanks to its male-focused formulas and male-friendly packaging.

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