warehouse floor may not be the most exciting part of a materials handling facility, but it is the foundation on which all operations are built. It must withstand the weight of racking and goods and support the continuous transit of vehicles and workers. A poor quality floor can quickly become a safety hazard and lead to costly inefficiencies.More info :

It is also important that the floor in a warehouse can be easily and economically maintained. This can only be achieved with a flooring system that is skid-resistant and offers plenty of durability. Regular cleaning, immediate repair of damage and regular professional inspections will make a big difference to the life of the flooring in a warehouse.

Maximizing Functionality: Designing Your Warehouse Floor

Warehouse floors can be subjected to many different types of wear. There are static loads (loads kept at rest) generated under the pillars of racking units and dynamic loads created by storage devices in movement such as stacker cranes for pallets. If these loads exceed the floor’s load-bearing capacity, cracks and sagging of the floor will appear.

Concrete flooring is durable and easy to repair, but it can be damaged by chemical wear. Corrosive chemicals can etch the surface of concrete and cause spalling, pitting, discoloration, and corrosion. In addition, chemically attacked concrete is prone to expansion and shrinkage.

Another type of industrial floor coating is epoxy paint, which provides a tough and durable surface that can withstand impact, abrasion and chemical wear. It is also a good choice for floors exposed to extreme temperatures, and it is able to withstand solar and ultraviolet rays.

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