Outdoor advertisement is a great way to attract potential customers. It creates an immediate impact on the viewer and can generate brand recall as people come into contact with it on a daily basis (like driving past a billboard or seeing their ad in a bus or subway station). Moreover, when people are in need of your product, they can easily reach out to you via the phone number, email address, website located on the advertisement.

D2C brands that have been operating in the digital space for a while can use outdoor advertising to build a physical presence in key markets and establish trust by tangibly showcasing their products or services. This helps them build up a local audience base and also syncs well with the current digital and print ads that they are running.

Crafting Compelling Outdoor Advertisements: Tips and Strategies

Similarly, billboards on a roadside can be used to showcase the latest discounts, coupons, and offers that your company is running to encourage consumers to make purchases. However, this method of promotion comes with a price and has been linked to increased traffic congestion, environmental degradation, noise pollution and visual clutter in cities. The negative externalities associated with outdoor advertisements have led to various regulation initiatives, but there is no clear and agreed upon metric for establishing a socially optimal level of OA.

Outdoor media is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods for a brand to invest in, but the design and verbiage must be spot on. It’s best to partner with an OOH agency that has a team of experts on hand to devise creative and engaging content and to do market research to find the most effective outdoor advertising locations.

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